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Wedding of Rachel and Orrie Markfeld, September 2017

Yes, that’s me in the red dress in the upper left hand corner. What is the old saying - One picture is worth a thousand words? 


This love of romance has been handed down to me through the generations in my family. 


I believe the true love stories, the ones taken from real life, are the best. Why?


Because they renew our faith in love, they affirm that love is real.


My mother taught me the transformative power of romantic storytelling. Tender tales of love always lifted her spirits.


When stories are written or narrated well, we feel the magic. And so, I created What’s New in the Romance Department? as a platform for sharing captivating real love stories from all stages of life in multiple genres.


My team and I seek to entertain you with an assortment of photos, film clips, music, and original animated videos, intrigue you with links to fun facts and engaging articles, and inspire you with heartwarming true stories written by our followers.


Ultimately it is my sincere hope that together we will be uplifted, enriched and renewed by this creative celebration of love and romance.

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