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A unique multimedia celebration of heartwarming true stories of love and romance

We are inspired by heartfelt stories that speak of desire and devotion, invigorated by the OMG moments that gleam and sparkle, stirred by the ache of yearning embedded in tender tales of lost love, and strengthened by the quieter love stories that have stood the test of time.

~ A Welcome Note From Susan and Jacqueline ~

I come from a long line of romantics, My mother, Anna Turner, who lived to the beautiful age of 103, is my inspiration for this blog. In her later years she became increasingly focused on the romantic relationships in our large extended family. As we settled in for a cozy chat at the kitchen table, she would eagerly pose her favorite question: “What’s new in the romance department?”


As I shared the latest news, the spark of romance was rekindled within her and a remarkable transformation began to take place. A warm glow enhanced my mother’s entire face, and her spirits took flight on Cupid’s wings.


Recently, I thought back to those cherished conversations with my mother and realized,  wouldn’t we all benefit from the power of romantic storytelling to uplift our spirits?


It is my privilege, dear reader, to invite you to share and delight in these true

stories of love. It is my sincere wish, that you will experience their magical

transformative powers. Soon, you too will be asking...

“What’s new in the romance department?”

— Susan Wexler

In researching the history of Raphael’s painting I read the following explanation: 


“Legend states that the two angels were modeled after two children Raphael saw wistfully looking up at a baker’s shop window, no doubt pining away for sweet confections.”


Our team at “What’s New in the Romance Department?” recognize yearnings that fuel the insatiable appetite we all have for tales of love and romance. It is our belief that by posting a wide assortment of  the sweet and savory stories you so graciously share, without adding a single pound, we will all feel satisfied.


Bon Appetit to all our readers,

— Jacqueline Alvarez

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