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The Way We Were

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Written and Narrated by Jacqueline McKenna Alvarez

Illustrated, Animated, and Produced by Poppy Livingstone. You can find more from Poppy at, or @poproxart on Instagram.


Jacqueline McKenna Alvarez relinquished her dream of being a Radio City Rockette when she reached her peak height of 5’1”. Substituting the stage for the theater of R.H. Macy’s, she enjoyed a 32 year career as an executive in merchandising and the field of Human Resources. She won several leadership awards as United Way campaign coordinator. As a member of Jan Bassin’s Writers Workshop, her fortuitous meeting with Susan Wexler led to her current role as co-editor of Susan’s blog What's New in the Romance Department?

Poppy Livingstone is an avid people-watcher, storyteller, and enjoyer-of-many-things. Currently a senior at Staples High School, she is the Editor-in-Chief of her school’s newspaper, and delights in telling the untold stories of the weird and wonderful people in her town. When not scavenging antique malls for old family photos or doodling in the margins of her notebooks, you can find her teaching ESL at Building One Community or reading books about children’s literature. You can find her work @poproxart on Instagram or

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