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Sincere stories told from the heart are most welcome from every stage of life.

We are inspired by stories told from the heart that speak of desire, promise, and devotion, as

well as awakened by the OMG moments that gleam and sparkle, strengthened by the quieter

love stories that have stood the test of time, and stirred by the ache of yearning embedded

in the tender tales of lost love.

Our mission is to uplift, enrich and renew the spirits of our readers.


Think back to all the beautiful moments and stories that have spoken to you in your lifetime. Often a story that is not your own will provide the same inspiration as one you have personally experienced, much like the way a song or a movie might move you.


Imagine you are talking to your best friend over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. What might you share with him or her? Surprise us by the style and scope of your stories.  We want them ALL.


  • We reserve the right to reject posts that we do not consider a good fit and will contact you only if your work is accepted or we would like you to make some revisions. We also reserve the right to edit the post and to remove it at any time for any reason.

  • By submitting a guest post you confirm that it has not been published anywhere else and is your own original work. You permit us to publish it wholly, or in part, on our site, social media, or any other place we publish.

  • You can repost your work on your own blog/website three weeks after it has been posted on What’s New in the Romance Department?, with a link back to What’s New in the Romance Department?

  • All links will be reviewed by us. You may include 1 or 2 relevant affiliate links. We have the right to include our own links or ads.

  • Our pieces generally run from 100-2000 words.

  • You understand that you will not receive any compensation.


Submitting a post means acceptance of these terms.


Please include a 50-word or less bio, a headshot-style photo to use as your author picture, and a link back to your blog/site. 

Email your post as a Word document attachment to:

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